Property Management How-To: Move In and Move Out Process in Orlando

For a single property, the move in process usually takes place at least a year before the move out process. Despite the amount of time that passes between one and the other, the processes are similar. The most important thing you can do is to document the condition of the property. You want to be able to note any differences in how the place looks when a tenant moves out.

Moving In

Efficient move in procedures will ensure your tenant gets into the property on time. Before the move in date, make sure your tenant knows what kind of funds are necessary. There is usually a security deposit and first month’s rent due at the time of move in. There may also be a pet fee or an administrative fee to collect. Your tenants need to know how much they will owe you and how you expect to be paid before they show up with a moving van. Be clear about this in your residential selection criteria.

Inspect the property before the tenant moves in. Take detailed notes and snap plenty of photos. This will help you document the condition of the property and it protects your interests as well as the tenant’s. When the tenant moves out at the end of the lease, you’ll have a clear idea of how the property looked at move in. Get the utilities turned on in the tenant’s name before keys are exchanged and ask your tenant to bring you proof that this has been completed.

Moving Out

Move in move outWhen a tenant moves out, you need to pay close attention to the handling of the security deposit. Florida law requires a specific timeline and you’ll need to return the security deposit promptly, or file a claim against that deposit for any damage left at the property. As soon as you take possession of the property from your tenant, do an inspection and document the condition of the house. Then, you can compare it to the inspection you did at move in. Remember to be detailed with your notes, photographs and videos.

Return your tenant’s security deposit via certified mail. This is extremely important. You will want to be able to track the deposit and have a date and time documented for when the deposit was mailed and received. This is of legal importance.

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